Bee Hive Plush Toy

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Bee Hive Plush Toy

This adorable Bee Hive Plush Toy is the perfect addition to your pet's toy collection. Made from soft and durable felpa material, this toy is gentle on your pet's teeth and paws. The bright and vibrant colors of the toy are displayed in the product image, making it even more appealing to your furry friend.

The toy has a diameter of 23 cm and the Bee's length is 11 cm, making it the perfect size for your pet to play with. Each set includes 3 Bee's and 1 Hive, providing hours of entertainment for your pet.

For added fun, you can hide a couple of treats under the Bee's and watch as your pet tries to find them. This interactive element adds an extra level of excitement to playtime.

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